The markets

The SWM range has been designed for an international audience, with an eye on the emergent markets that require good quality and name branded products. The European market, followed closely by the Australian and South American markets, require similar homologation standards.

We expect to successfully expand towards the Asian and the North American markets when the proper homologation is complete. The range will be distributed through a new and widespread international sales network.

Future plans

The SWM Motorcycle has come back to the market with the introduction of six street and off-road bikes with engine size between 300cc and 650 cc, with similar advanced features such as the 'bialbero engine', the fuel injection and Euro 3 homologation. This is the starting point of a wider global project, which will see, in the near-future, the production of 125cc engined bikes to satisfy a younger audience and other specific motocross and enduro competition bikes.